The Living Room Café Story..!

The La Jolla  Living Room was the Second Store to Open.The bistro’s location was to provide the students and community a new meaning to coffee. It’s unique setting was created for hard studious students, business people on the run, Tourist and residents wanting to try great tasting food, a relaxing atmosphere, and varieties of flavored coffee.

​Not only do people visit the Living Room for food and coffee, but the scene of the bistro is for anyone who wishes to have a great time with friends or to  just hang out.

Meet the Team

Our priority is to provide the best customer service and the best quality food and drinks at the most reasonable prices in La Jolla.

Our Living Room is Your Living Room


Sam Azzu


Have been with the Living Room since 2001, in 2008 Started the Living Room Lounge.

Now Serves as the President for both of our locations La Jolla, and College (SDSU)


Rita Frances

General Manager

She loves to Work and has one of the friendlies smiles and warmest Personalities..!

Nick Named at work Jackie Chan, She is Every where.


Mazin Alsndy

Lounge Manager

Works Hard makes the best Hookah, and I don’t think there is one customer that doesn’t love Mazin..!